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This past Wednesday I went down to Paramount Skatepark where it was the final day for Jonny McFlyy’s My Greatness video. We had a special guest, pro skater Derrick Wilson aka Dwrexx,was busting out his jumps and tricks which will be featured in the video. Take a look at some behind the scenes footage below and Dwrexx making a fans day by giving him his shoes.

First look at @dwrexx feature in @jonnymcflyy visual #MyGreatness #RawFootage #HUCKITTLIFE #DGK #Skatelife #Vans #Grind

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The Hart Method


Last week we filmed with Armando Hart who is a World Class athlete, trainer, and author of his new book, The Hart Method. We shot in a studio in Downtown Long Beach called The Howl, very cool spot. The purpose of the shoot was for a promo that is in development for a new series illustrating each principle of The Hart Method. A unique approach to fitness that you’ll have to tune in this Summer to fully understand the concept. The Hart Method will air on Prime TV Network. Which will air on channel 32.6 in Ohio. You can also stream or watch on any smart device or computer. Check out all the behind the scenes below.



On set with Armando Hart #TheHartMethod #behindthereel

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Prime TV Network I Walking In Circles Trailer

Through our partner advertiser, Prime TV Network brings you Walking In Circles season 1 and 2. Check out the trailer here.

Krag the barbarian leads a group of adventurers on a quest to avenge his father’s death at the hands of the dragon, Slithalazalamazar. Along the way they encounter deadly sirens, deranged cultists, and demons of questionable punctuality.


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