Calling all people from the LA area. You want to TAKE OVER LA? Come join my project called ISOLATION: New Breed, which will be filmed all over LA. Will be needing a few people, well actually a lot of people, who want to be in a short film. To sum it up in short words, the film is about a post Isolated Los Angeles after climate change has caused the sun to distribute harmful rays (Radiation) onto the atmosphere. Thus causing some people to go bonkers, really bonkers. After the film is shot, the vfx team will compose some cool skin radiation (Iron Man 3) for most of the extras. Must be 18 and over and live in the LA area. If you want to be a part of this just contact me via Twitter/Instagram (@TheReel_IV). There is no money involved commercial or any sort of sponsorship.

Click here to check out the prologue for my film ISOLATION: New Breed.







Quick look at the edit process for my new film poster, Isolation: New Breed. Follow me on Instagram/Twitter @TheReel_IV for more cool stuff from my new project

Night Photography in LA